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Posted on 05-11-2017

Be Careful in Choosing the Footwear You Wear

I just wanted to write a quick blog post about a common cause of injury I see during the spring and summer months. I definitely see a direct relation between the use of improper footwear and common foot injuries like the dreaded plantar fasciitis. As the weather is getting nicer people are out hitting the pavement, and a lot of people are suddenly out and about, running, and exercising on the hard concrete.

This is all great and positive but, one of the things that drive me crazy as a chiropractor are all the people suddenly wearing flip-flops in Manhattan. I don’t dislike flip flops as some sort of fashion statement, the disdain stems from a much more physical reason. Flip-flops are reserved, in my opinion for the beach or walking short distances. I have people walking around, not just for a quick stroll, but all day long, all throughout Manhattan, with flip-flops.

The main thing I hate about flip-flops is it doesn't give you any support and it really affects your gait cycle. What is your gait cycle you would ask? The gait cycle is the way we naturally walk and unsupportive footwear like flip flops completely throw off your gait cycle and in a very short period of time you can develop things like plantar fasciitis. This is not just sore feet, plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition, and additionally this breakdown in gait and mechanics can move up the kinetic chain and cause ankle sprains or strains.

It doesn’t simply stop there, and it goes all the way up to the chain, it can affect your lower back your mid-back, even your cervical spine. So if you're in Manhattan please don't wear flip-flops wear something that has a little bit more support, or something that holds on to the bottom of your foot you will thank me later. And if you’re interested in custom made orthotics, come see us.

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