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Posted on 06-12-2014

Trigger Point Injections for Pain in NYC

Trigger point injections might prove to be ideal for NYC patients who suffer from various types of chronic pain. If you're suffering from pain and discomfort, you now have a highly effective non-surgical treatment option in Living Well Medical’s trigger point injections. Our pain management specialist is a Doctor of Osteopathy and works alongside other specilaists in-house , prescribes powerful, localized pain relief without the risk of narcotic pain medications or surgical procedures.  The effects of trigger point injections are immediate and long-lasting.

Trigger points are localized, highly sensitive spots in the patient’s body that are located in a band of skeletal muscle and can trigger intense, chronic pain.  Trigger points form due to trauma, whether from ongoing wear-and-tear of the muscle or because of an isolated incident, such as accidents, sports injuries, etc.  Persistent pain in the same location is often caused by trigger points.  Trigger points can be detected through manual palpation, where the doctor manually examines the area where the patient feels pain in search of hardened, hypersensitive points.  Once any active trigger points are located, treatment can be prescribed.

Trigger point injections are the most effective way to inactivate trigger points and relief the discomfort and dysfunction they cause in the patient.  Chronic pain and loss of mobility are common symptoms of trigger points, which will immediately improve with trigger point injections.  As long as the trigger points remain inactive, there will be no discomfort or pain.

During application, the patient rests comfortably while an ultrasound device guides insertion of the injection and delivery of medication directly into the trigger point.  Possible side effects are minor and temporary, such as mild discomfort at the injection site, which usually subsides shortly after treatment.  Results last for several months, and repeat applications may be needed, which is determined by Dr. Webb on an individual basis.

Trigger point injections can be applied by themselves as well as combined with a number of treatment modalities.  When necessary, Dr. Webb recommends combining trigger point injections with other non-surgical therapies, such as cold laser therapy, acupuncture, medical massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic ultrasound, physical therapy, electric stimulation, and application of heat or ice.  All of these treatment options are also available at Living Well Medical, a state-of-the-art physical therapy and rehabilitation facility in downtown NYC.

For further information on trigger point injections and to determine the best treatment options for localized pain, patients may contact Dr. Webb at Living Well Medical in NYC via our website or by calling 212 627 8149 to schedule a consultation.

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