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Posted on 07-10-2014

Physical Therapy in NYC. Soho / West Village

Physical therapy is beneficial for individuals of all ages. It can treat a plethora of injuries and ailments, including arthritis, scoliosis, sciatica, bulging and herniated discs and nerve radiculopathy. It works by strengthening the muscles around the injured area so that they provide more support.

Physical Therapy Benefits

Physical therapy is sometimes referred to as physiotherapy or PT and is used to help individuals recover from surgeries, illnesses and injuries. It involves performing certain exercises and stretches in order to improve flexibility, stamina, strength and range of motion, and it can be used to alleviate pain from arthritis, repetitive motion injuries, sprains and strains of the back, tennis and golfer’s elbow, runner’s knee and various shoulder injuries. PT can also be used to help an individual recover after certain types of surgeries, including joint and back surgeries.

Pain Relief With Our Physical Therapist

PT is overseen by our professionally trained physical therapist, who can guide you through a personalized set of exercises that will provide pain relief and speed your recovery. PT improves blood flow to injured areas and throughout the body, which ensures that oxygen and other vital nutrients are reaching the areas that need it most.

Our physical therapy treatment program may include manual therapy, joint mobilization, balance training, posture correction and an at home exercise program. Manual therapy involves the physical therapist instructing and assisting in the various exercises. Joint mobilization is designed to reposition the joint in an effort to restore its movement.

Balance training works to improve an individual’s stability as they walk and perform exercises. It typically utilizes balance boards and other specialized equipment. Posture correction involves strengthening the muscles of the upper and lower back to reduce or prevent forward tilted shoulders and pelvic tilt.

When some or all of these exercises and techniques are combined, injuries can be efficiently healed and future injuries are prevented.

What are your thoughts on physical rehabilitation for pain relief and injury recovery?

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