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Posted on 04-24-2014

NCV/EMG Testing at Our Soho New York Clinic

If you have every dealt with a chronic pain or functional problem, you may have been Nerve Testing in NYCtold that such conditions often originate either in the muscles or nervous system. But how do you identify the culprit so you can pursue the right kind of pain management strategies? Here at Living Well Medical, we determine the cause of your pain right from the source by way of nerve tests that show us exactly where your problem lies.

The two principal forms of nerve testing we perform at our New York clinic are NCV and EMG tests. NCV stands for nerve velocity conduction, and as you might suspect, it reveals how fast nerve signals are traveling throughout your body. Nerve impulses are essentially electric and usually travel within specific speed ranges. If your nerve impulses are moving more slowly than normal, it may indicate a disruption in nerve function. We measure this by connecting sets of electrodes to your body, with one electrode "upstream" and at least one other electrode "downstream," so we can interpret your nerve conduction speed from one body part to another. Using this method we can diagnose conditions ranging from carpal tunnel syndrome or other localized inflammatory conditions to systemic problems such as diabetic neuropathy. Once we know the cause, we can implement the proper treatment.

EMG stands for electromyography. This form of testing measures how efficiently specific muscle groups are reacting to nerve signals. Every muscle in your body generates a small amount of electricity whenever its nerve endings receive information. When electrodes attached to your muscles show a low electrical response, we can figure out whether your pain or loss of function stems from nerve damage, a neuromuscular disease, or a spinal problem.

Schedule Your Nerve Tests With Us

Trust Living Well Medical to perform these important diagnostic nerve tests when you need them. They may be the critical first step toward getting better!

Have you had nerve testing before? Tell us about your experience!

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