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Posted on 06-23-2011

We have helped thousands of people get out of pain, often times these people were in so much pain that they were having trouble walking, and going about daily tasks. Stairs can become an excruciatingly painful challenge, a walk to the store or to the subway can seem like a marathon. Eventually this leads to avoiding daily tasks, then social activity and leads a person to shut themselves off from the outside world, just being able to carry on the most basic of activity and spending the majority of their time laying in bed, or on pain medication, instead of going about their daily social activities and hobbies.

The majority of our patients respond extremely well to normal treatment methods, and we have an array of procedures available to employ, which can address most cases and we don't have to prescribe steroidal medication or other pain medication, but what about the patients that we get that are in so much pain they cant even sit or lie down on the examination table?

We are an integrated practice and provide Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Massage, STIM, Cold Laser, Graston, Active Release Technique, and custom orthotics as well as many other treatment techniques.
We also use epidural and other interventional pain management treatments to help relieve pain. These are powerful medications that provide immediate relief, but also have some side effects, some of them are short term like weakness, and drowsiness so we always make sure that patients are aware of what effects the drugs may have.

All of the injections and procedures are performed by our DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine), who is also board certified in pain management.

Procedures Offered:
Epidural Steroid Injection
The Epidural Injection is probably the most common and well known pain reducing injection. There is a protective coating known as the dural sac which surrounds the spinal cord. It contains that fluid that coats and is responsible for providing nourishment to the spinal cord. The area between the surface of the dural sac and the spinal vertebrae is the epidural space. It is a procedure where anesthetic medicine (causes numbing) and an anti- inflammatory steroidal medicine is injected into the epidural space which reliever pain caused by irritation to the spinal nerves. Epidural injections can be given in the lower back (lumbar), middle back (thoracic), or  neck (cervical).

Facet Block Injection
The goal of the procedure is fairly straightforward and like the name indicated, it is used to "block" the nerve's pain signals. Facet joints, which are about the size of a penny, are located on either side of the vertebrae. They function to provide stability and guide the motion of the spine. The Facet Joint Injection is a simply a procedure used to block or decrease pain caused by problems in the spine.  If the facet joints are inflamed you may experience  back pain but the pain can also radiate to the abdomen, hip, groin and all the way down to the legs since the nerves run through the facet joint openings.

Nerve Block
A nerve block injection is when  a local anesthetic (like Novocain) is injected in a specific area in the area of the body's tissue near where a nerve is located. A block is performed for  pain that may be somatic (muscle or bone pain) or,  neuropathic (nerve pain). Neuropathic pain occur from damage or impingement of a nerve from a chronic condition or a previous surgical  procedure or even cancer. Somatic pain can result from many acute injuries, or chronic conditions, and may even result from  cancer or past surgical procedures.  A Nerve Block injection is used for temporarily blocking or disrupting painful nerve function. It can result in varying degrees of permanent relief. Several blocks can also be performed  and each successive block may allow for a greater degree of sustained pain relief.

We always try to make sure our patients can heal, and get out of pain the best way possible. Often that means chiropractic care, physical therapy, and treatments that come together to create a solid, effective treatment plan that works to treat the cause of pain and not just mask the symptom of pain that indicates an underlying injury of condition. When it is called for we also employ the use of powerful and effective medicine and injections to provide immediate pain relief so we can start working on finding and addressing the underlying problem.

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