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Posted on 06-21-2011

Aches and pain are a part of life right?
Well, no, not all the time. During a particularly hectic or stressful time, yes, you are more susceptible to injury and fatigue and illness, and your hormones and immune system can become deficient from constant strain.

The fact is, that even in old age, you are not supposed to be in constant pain. Its true that young people have an easier time staying pain free due to the rate at which their bodies recover, hormone levels. Along with a higher capacity to do work, combined with a higher max heart rate, and exercise levels and it seems like you are naturally invincible when you are young.

 With age, people generally become smarter and know more about what they can, or cant, sometimes shouldn't, do.  However that doesn't always translate to people's knowlidge of thier bodies and need for fitness and exercise.  People get smarter about money, habits, even diet, but it doesnt seem like they gain much knowlidge about staying active, but injury free.

Lets step away form age for a minute, how about people in their late 20's and even early 30's that are constantly walking around with back pain, knee pain, achillies tendon problems, hamstring pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, forward head posture, and all the resuting pain and trauma resulting from these issues.

 The good news is that all of these aforementioned "injuries" are musculoskeletal, and for the most part, not related to  long term illnesses or developmental issues that can not be helped easily. There are many factors that can turn musculoskeletal imbalances in to chronic injuries, weather its bad habits, a tough and cramped work envoronment, or a simple disdain for exercise. The human body is a very capable system of movement and like the finely tuned race car that it has the ability to be, it must be taken out to the track from time to time.

"Working out" as we like to say, is a loosely defined regimen of running on a treadmill that does little to mimic actual running conditions or goals, followed by a visit to a few machines with little understanding of exercise is actually a great way to compound that stress and muscular imbalances that may be causing you pin in the first place.
Instead of following what everyone else is doing or getting your workouts from fitness magazines that know nothing about your body, your goals or needs, go see a physical therapist and learn about what you NEED to be doing. A physical therapist will diagnose weak, overdeveloped, and tight muscles and will implement a rehabilitation, strengthening and stretching routine, thats made specifically for you. Find a good personal trainer, explain your issues, and discuss your goals. If a trained fails to ask you about your goals before starting any type of trianing regimen with you, run away, fast, and find a better trainer.

Many people fail to set a destination for their efforts. You have to pick a general time frame in which to address your injuries. "Ill see a doctor this week" isnt a goal. Set a date, this will make you commit to your decision. Everything after you walk in to a good pain management clinic, like here at Living Well Medical, is  easy. We have a team  of professionals with a huge repertoire of proven treatment methods that will help you recover, fast, and after you have recovered and are able to do so, you can start physical therapy to help make sure the chances of re- injuring yourself are reduced greatly.

This just gets easier. Weather you are suffering from "runners knee" or carpal tunnel syndrome, or have herniated or bulging discs in your back, and painful sciatica, we can help eliminate the pain, and we can do it without pills, needles or surgery. Sometimes people will require prescription pain medication for a short amount of time in order to be mobile enough to work and receive treatment, we also provide that since we have an MD on staff.

For example, you hurt your back lifting a heavy air conditioner, its happens a lot, just this week we have seen 3 people who hurt themselves while trying to open a window. Usually, a Chiropractor and Physical Therapist will talk to you about your injury, and lifestyle and exercise, and fitness habits etc. After a quick chiropractic adjustment, you can probably walk around with a little more ease and less pain. Depending on the treatments required to treat your specific case, you may then receive electric STIM therapy, and physical therapy.

We constantly evaluate out patients and reassess the treatment protocols to best suit their needs and changing physical condition, we employ a variety of cutting edge methods to produce unparalleled results.

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