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Posted on 12-19-2013

Natural Solutions for Knee Pain

Rocktape, Ultrasound and Other Non-Invasive Solutions

chiropractic for knee painA stiff or painful knee can prevent you from participating in all the enjoyable events and everyday pastimes that make life so rewarding. While surgery or painkillers are often prescribed for these conditions, our team at Living Well Medical can also offer natural, conservative care in the form of Rocktape, physical therapy, ultrasound, chiropractic adjustment and other safe, effective modalities.

Knee pain can stem from multiple underlying causes. Some of these, such as a torn anterior cruciate ligament, may require surgery to repair, but many knee other knee problems are bio-mechanical in origin. The knee has the difficult task of providing flexibility while also supporting the body's ever-shifting weight, and misalignments of the musculoskeletal system can therefore play a role in chronic or acute pain by stressing the joint. Injuries to the tendons, muscles and ligaments surrounding the knee can cause symptoms of bursitis or tendonitis while also creating instability that makes the joint more vulnerable to further injury. Additionally, a lifetime of unbalanced walking or standing can contribute to progressive degenerative conditions such as arthritis, which robs the knee of its full range of motion and can cause unremitting chronic pain.

Saying No to Knee Pain

If you want to explore all your conservative treatment options for relieving your knee pain, Living Well Medical is the place to do it. In addition to chiropractic adjustments to relieve unequal stresses on your body, we can use an advanced kinesio taping system called Rocktape to lend relief and support to the muscles and connective tissues. If arthritis has reduced the free motion of the knee, a technique known as joint fluid therapy can supplement the joint's natural lubricating fluid. A careful program of customized physical therapy and osteopathic treatment can also help you regain strength and flexibility in a recovering knee. Cold laser therapy relieves tissue pain and stimulates cell repair. Any of all of these options can help you walk, run and enjoy life again without pain!

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