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Posted on 12-12-2013

Why Choose Kinesio Taping?

How Kinesio Taping Can Help You

kinesio taping at chiropractic clinic in New YorkIf you are suffering soft tissue pain, you may need a little extra support -- literally. A special technique called kinesio taping can provide external support to sore muscles to help you feel and move better.
Why does this form of taping hold such an advantage over traditional sports taping? Traditional sports taping's only goal is to stabilize and support the joint, so it restricts the area to prevent overextension.

Unfortunately, it can also restrict the flow of blood and other essential fluids within the joint, while the lack of flexibility does the athlete no favors in terms of performance. Kinesio tape is elastic, so it moves with the muscles even as it supports and stabilizes them. The application methods do not restrict motion or cut off the flow of fluids, giving the athlete a normal range of motion. Best of all, the tape supports the muscles in a way that allows them relax, reducing the pain and stiffness of overuse injuries.

Kinesio Taping at Our Chiropractic Clinic

You do not have to be an Olympian, or even a high-school athlete, to benefit from this advanced form of physical therapy. Here at Living Well Medical we frequently apply kinesio tape to patients coping with muscle strain caused by repetitive motion at the office, personal injuries in the home and a wide range of other causes. 

Our patients are quick to appreciate the way the tape braces the injured tissues and allows them to heal more quickly and less painfully. You can wear the tape 24 hours a day with no difficulties or physical restrictions, allowing you to get back to your daily activities with renewed confidence. At the same time, we can discuss the nature of your injury and suggest lifestyle changes that might prevent it from recurring, such as ergonomic changes around the office, weight loss to reduce muscle strain, or adjustments to your playing style. Contact us so we can get you moving again!

Did you injure yourself recently? Were you playing a sport?

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