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Achilles tendonitis

One estimate states that Achilles tendonitis accounts for nearly 11% of running injuries. The Achilles is a fairly large tendon located on the back of the ankle, which connects to the muscles in the calf, the Soleus and the Gastrocnemius muscles which move the front of the foot down. This injury is particularly hard on runners because the mental discomfort is just as bad as the physical pain associated with the injury.

New York City specifically has a high occurrence of this injury, due to our large population of runners, and fitness enthusiasts.  

The pain can be located by the heel or closer to the mid point and it may originate over a period of days (acute) or weeks/months (chronic). The Achilles can be slow to heal because like all tendons, it has poor vascularity (blood supply). Tendonitis can also occur following an increase in training frequency or a decrease in rest periods. Acute tendonitis involves pain at the onset of exercise but then fades as activity is continued.

 When there is pain at the onset of exercise but it does not fade as exercise is continued, it is then referred to as chronic tendonitis and can be difficult to treat. The tendon may creak when there is pressure applied to it, and can have lumps, redness or visible swelling. Achilles pain resulting from chronic tendonitis doesn't just start up at the onset of activity, but it can also be present after rest, when going up stairs, or walking uphill. Tendonitis doesn't just keep you from running, if left untreated it can become a problem during every day activity.

Treatment of Achilles Tendonitis in New York City

At Living Well Medical, there are is an array of treatments available to help ease pain, promote healing and get you back on your feet and back in your running shoes. An integrated approach can be the difference between years of chronic pain and limited activity, or a return to training.

Kinesio Taping is a cutting edge method available at Living Well Medical, and used by athletes to help support muscles and aid performance.

Cold Laser Therapy

Massage Therapy

Rehabilitative Physical Therapy

GaitScan Analysis

Graston Technique

ART Active Release Techniques to help speed soft tissue recovery.

At Living Well Medical we have offer many non-surgical and non-invasive procedures available in New York, and our integrated approach to treatment is especially effective for treating soft tissue injuries. Living Well Medical uses state-of-the-art, technologically advanced equipment to ensure long-term results for our clients.